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There are many different theories regarding proper dosing of Cannabinoids and Cannabis Oil. Recent science has shown definitively that Cannabis Oil therapy works for treating critical illness, but at the same time, Cannabis Science is so new that standardized dosing models are not yet available. At King Harvest, we support a singular dosing edict: “The most responsible dosing for Cannabinoids is done one single milligram at a time.” Every patient is as unique as their metabolism and it is therefore ill-advised to standardize dosing protocols until tolerance is established.

Only once tolerance is established, can a diagnosis specific dosing model be applied. Monitored gentle titration to the desired amount is the safest possible dosing method. Total daily intake is directly determined by the member’s diagnosis. Slow and safe titration is the best way to ensure success. A slow titration dosing model gives our members the greatest chance of completing the entire protocol. Completion of the entire diagnosis specific protocol is the greatest predictor of success.

Although entirely safe – ingesting too much Cannabis Oil can cause the sensation of feeling high or euphoric. This can be an unpleasant feeling for some and can cause one to become discouraged or even quit the therapy. Therefore, it is crucial for titration to be done carefully. By testing for tolerances and by developing a conservative dosing model unique to each member, we have been able to minimize side effects across the board and assure our members’ greatest chances of success.

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